Color washed out too fast

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I went to the salon and had a Goldwell's semi-permanent color put on. Now I knew that it would wash out a little with each shampoo, but I thought it was like waterproof mascara and would need shampoo to strip the color.

Anyway, I get purple hands every morning when I still my hair. If I let it air dry, I have a purple-tinged collar and even though I haven't used shampoo on it yet, the color seems to be mostly gone after 1.5 weeks.

Did my hairdresser do something wrong. Was that just $45 wasted or should I try again with a different brand?


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    I'm new here, but I may as well jump in ;). I color my hair, but I refuse to use Goldwell anymore. Goldwell's color line is very low ammonia, which makes it better for the hair, but it also means it fades much faster. Semi-permanent color will be gone in no time at all. It's not just shampoo that strips color. Every single time your hair gets wet and/or styled, you are losing color. Shampoo will strip color the most, but you will still lose color even if you're not using shampoo.

    Semi-permanent, while much easier on the hair initially, is, in my opinion, a waste of money. It's just as expensive as permanent color, but it washes out in less than half the time --which means you have to have it colored again much more often --which means your hair is getting processed much more often than is healthy.

    Hope that helps. :)
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    I used to get my hair colored in a salon where they used Paul Mitchell's PM Shine on me. Ummm...let me tell u, that stuff does NOT come out...I tried washing my hair a lot (with both poo and conditioner) and the color would NOT come out. All it did was get less vibrant and true to color or "ashy" as one stylist put it;)

    Mind u, this was after a couple mths of the color being should've been fading by this time.

    In the end, they had to bleach my hair to get it out. I was not pleased. Isn't that the whole point of using semi perm? All the other semi perms I used came out on my clothes. I'm on here looking for something kinda in the middle of these two disasters :lurk:

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