Am I a 4b?

cocobrowncocobrown Posts: 12Registered Users
I have been transitioning for 3 months. Can you tell me what my hair type is? I think I'm a 4b.


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    Too soon to tell, you won't know until your hair is BC'd and the weight of your ends aren't pulling your new growth. It is really up to the way each of your hair strands lays and defines so you will need to see all of your hair together. Does that make sense? Just be patient and focus on your transition. :book:
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    It's best to figure out your curl pattern by washing and air drying. Do not comb through it while drying. Try not to touch it at all. Then show us some pics. Of course you want to do this after your chop. Because your hair is being stretched here in this pic, your hair could be curling tighter than what we see.
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    It's really hard to tell when you're looking at new growth that is in braids. Just follow a transitioning regimen for 4-ish hair (lots of moisture) and don't concern yourself with type until after you chop the relaxed ends off.
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  • cocobrowncocobrown Posts: 12Registered Users
    Thanks ladies.
  • Prada3721Prada3721 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Yup definitely too soon to tell.

    Although you can tell that you have some healthy roots growing in with some definite curling/waving pattern so when your ends are gone -- it'll be a revelation!!!

    Enjoy the journey HHG!
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