~Raw Milk?~

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After coming across a rather alarming soy milk topic and various articles in the Curly Fitness section, I thought I'd start doing some research on raw milk.

Originally I stopped drinking milk (2% from Andersen Dairy near Vegas) and consuming less dairy because I would get stomach aches every day. I switched to soy and haven't been getting stomach aches at all (only when it can be explained obviously, like after eating bad food or something)...then along comes some health scare stuff on soy. :P

Does anyone know, from personal experience or family/friend experience, what the deal with raw milk is? I've found a few links (/home/leaving?" class="Popup), but I'm cautious, since I've found out that the stuff isn't pasteurized or homogenized, which, I'm told, is just an American marketing tool. I can see how that's possible, since business practices everywhere are very questionable and I've been to Europe many times and their milk is awesome (especially when you get outside the big cities).

Any input is welcome! :D
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    I live in farm country where drinking raw milk has gone on for generations. I drank it many times. But these are small family farms with cows that aren't pumped full of antibiotics, hormones, etc.
    I wouldn't recommend people drink raw milk from a farm they know nothing about.
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    i agree with above. have you tried rice milk.
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    If you can get your hands on raw milk it is from cows that are grass fed and no hormones/antibiotics. In most states it's illegal to buy or sell raw milk which in my opinion is a bunch of BS. I would drink raw milk if it was easier to obtain. I know people that get raw milk through a cow share. You basically own part of the cow so you aren't actually buying the milk, you are paying for the upkeep of your cow. Read more about raw milk at

    Sometimes you can find milk that is pasteurized but not homogenized so you could try that. It's one step in the right direction at least.

    Soy milk (and other soy products) is definatley bad news and you are best off avoiding it.