Can someone recommend a leave in for my hair??

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hi ladies...

I have frizzy mostly 4a hair that can be pretty dry when I do wash and go's . I cannot use anything too lite or else my hair would stay dry. Although I like how raw shea moisturizes my hair it leaves a white film when my hair dries, for braid outs and twists its perfect. Some recommended cantu shea leave in but it has cones and I dont think that would be to good for my hair. Giovanni is too lite also.

Can anyone with my kind of 4a hair recommend a leave in?

I have been natural for about 3yrs now. Recently cut all of it off in April/07, I know some may think I am crazy...but for those who don't me I am a girl of variety..I NEED CHANGE!


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    Karen's body beautiful Hair Milk or Nectar (haven't tried,everyone raves about, thick consistencies)
    Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment ( good stuff, whipped texture, can use right out of the jar on damp hair or mixed in a spritz)
    Jane Carter Revitalizing leave-in ( liquid form, leaves hair soft and detangles like a dream, may also purchase at Whole Foods)
    Shea-moisture Leave-in (haven't tried, have heard great things, thick consistency, want to try eventually)

    Store bought:

    Meldted Shea butter+ Veg. glycerin or Care Free Curl Gold Instant Activator + Distilled / Purified / Filtered Water + Almond oil / Jojoba oil / Coconut oil ( you can use one or two) + Castor oil (key, leaves hair soft)

    Shake it up and put in a bowl or sink of hot water to help ingredients blend together, then you're set. This stuff works just as good as any leave-in that I have tried (almost as good as Jessicurl and Jane Carter) and you can create plenty of gallons of the spritz with these ingredients. hth.
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    giovanni is way too light for my hair too. ive been in love with [buylink=]elucence moisture balancing conditioner[/buylink] mixed with a bit of oil for years.
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    I like the shea moisture leave in too it is thick and creamy,I also like the jane carter revitalizing leave in but it is not creamy it is more like a watery consistency
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    Qhemet Burdock root Butter cream - I use under or over a leave-in for an extra moisture hit; also helps with clumping.

    Jane Carter Nourish & shine (a pure butter blend, but goes on easily on wet hair, just use a little for that extra moisture hit beneath a leave-in conditioner or gel or whatever)

    Either of these play well with [buylink=]Kinky Curly Knot Today[/buylink] or any good conditioner you can use as a leave-in.

    Karen's Body Beautiful Hair milk is also a very nice product.

    I used to use Sheamoisture and it's a very, very nice product (and reasonably priced) but so hard to get out of the bottle and it doesn't absorb into my hair as well as the others above.
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    I really like the Karen's Body Beautiful Hair milk.
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