Hi!! Can you all help me?

:wink:I chose the screen name curly nightmare - that pretty much sums me up.
I have 3a hair, but 2a and flat on the top. I used to love my curls - but then I went into my local salon and thought it would be nice to get a Julia Roberts inspired look, specifically telling the *stylist* (if you can even call her that)...not to take off any of the length (it was the only unique thing about me!) as it was down to my hips.
She finished and I seriously cried. She had lopped it off to about 4 inches below my shoulders and messed up the top layer so it looks like I have a box around my head. I'm so upset and my hair will take years to grow back!
Also, it always looks frizzy and the curls are either really loose or really tight, all over my head - usually tight at the bottom and loose on the top. I look so stupid - does anyone have any ideas/pics that would help me with my horrible hair - maybe some haircut pics or something. I really need your help!:sad11:
Oh and I LOVE this site!! All your hair is beautiful! :toothy10:


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    I know it's upsetting, but the good thing about hair is that it will grow back. It's possible that your hair is flat on top because the weight is pulling it down. Most people get long layers to help with this. My hair is much shorter, but I need a lot of layering to not have pyramid hair.

    I'm an advocate of using the more natural products. I use soap bars to cleanse (very gentle) after six months of nopoo. I've found that has helped with my curls and volume. My products are in my signature. I know it's confusing to start, but you need to read, read, read. Here's a thread with a lot of good links for newbies:

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