Coconut milk conditioner rinse success

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Good evening!

Have any of you ever tried a coconut milk conditioner rinse? I did this week and my hair felt reallllly good.

I mixed some honey, okay, a lot of honey and just a littttttle bit of olive oil into my conditioner and let it sit for a minute. *This mix has become a favorite of mine*

In the meantime, I got a can of coconut milk (from Trader Joe's) and dumped half of the can into a cup. Added a splash of water and poured it over my hair and scalp. Then I put my conditioner mix on my head and let it sit for a good 45 minutes.

It felt excellent on my hair wet and looked great after I rinsed it out.

Anyone else use coconut milk before?

Oh by the way, I used the rest of milk (and added some honey) as a facial soak after I scrubbed it with sugar. :wink:
3a/3b/3c hair all on one head :thumright:

Staples (used in many ways):
Coconut milk
Castor oil
Coconut oil
Shea butter


  • Curly Girl FlaCurly Girl Fla Registered Users Posts: 1,834 Curl Connoisseur
    I have one lonely can of coconut milk that I bought specifically to use as a protein/conditioner treatment. It just sits on the shelf, and sits, and hair likes protein periodically, but I've been getting it from other sources...your rinse sounds wonderful, though. Maybe I'll pull it out this weekend. And interesting about using it on your face. I was thinking about mixing some in a clay mask, and now may just have to reserve some for this purpose. Thanks for the info-glad it worked so well for you!

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