I made my OTC conditioner CG friendly

TJOCTJOC Registered Users Posts: 23
So I had some Avalon peppermint conditioner, which worked great for CG/plopping -EXCEPT- I was having some stinky hair problems. It also had a 'cone..

I bought Nature's Gate herbal conditioner because I used to adore their shampoo ... it smells like hippies. :toothy9:

But it didn't work well for plopping. Its first two ingredients were water and cetaryl alcohol. Since it didn't plop right, I went ahead and wore my hair smooth the next day and it was VERY soft and shiny.

Since the top two ingredients on the avalon were water and sunflower oil, I got an idea...

I make soap so I have lots of fun things around. I got out my hand blender and added almond oil, some shea butter, come coconut oil and about 1/4 tsp melted beeswax to emulsify it. The end product felt great, so we'll see! My hair is up in my towel now. :bunny:

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