Help - my hair DOESN'T like ACV!

I tried an ACV rinse with 2 cups of water and 1/4 cup of ACV, and all it did was dry my hair out, even with using my regular old conditioner. I'm not on CG(was thinking about it, but still too chicken to try it on account of the break-in period. Today I washed my hair and DIDN'T use the ACV rinse, and my hair liked that much better. What is the purpose of ACV for hair anyway - is it to condition, or make it shiny? On me, it did neither, and in fact, made me less conditioned even with using conditioner afterwards and leaving it in for awhile.
However, my skin loves half ACV+half water as a natural AHA toner though.
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    ACV is generally a good solution for non-silicone product build-up. It removes the gunk and helps the hair cuticle lie flat, thereby making the hair shinier.

    Generally, the formula for ACV rinses is about 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar per cup of water. So, you may have overdone it a bit on the vinegar. It's little wonder your hair felt dry afterwards. By the way, did you rinse it out? Sometimes people who are new to ACV don't realize that it needs to be rinsed out, so I just thought I'd double-check that you did.
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    Using too much has a drying effect, so I agree that that might be it.
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    Aside from the dilution ration, you may want to consider using the raw ACV that you can purchase at a health food type store. It is cloudy and contains the "mother." If you search "Braggs" there are a few threads about it. That is one of the better known brands. There are others. While it's more expensive than the pasteurized grocery store brands, it's still an inexpensive product. If your hair doesn't like it, you can always use it in the kitchen.
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    Actually, I DID use the Braggs raw ACV, and I used 1/4 which now I realize was too much in 2 cups of water, and I didn't rinse it out. 2nd time I did this I rinsed it out, and my hair was still dry, despite the use of moisturizing conditioner afterwards, so I guess it was the AMOUNT of vinegar as well. Next time, I'm only going to add the 1-2 T of vinegar to that 2 cups of water. I do use the ACV for skin toner and masks and my skin loves that!
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