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OK, you guys have talked me into trying KBB, but which products? I dont see anything on there about a gel so its just conditioners, oil, and leaveins right? Or am I missing something?
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  • redecouverteredecouverte Bloomington, INRegistered Users Posts: 70
    yes, she doesn't carry any gels
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  • egyptiancurls89egyptiancurls89 MichiganRegistered Users Posts: 607
    nope your not missing anything, she doesn't make a gel, although i think someone said they suggested it to her.....but anyways im getting ready to try the hair milk and ive heard you can use that without a gel. its worth a shot! :D hth
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    I use the hair milk as my rinse out, the nectar (or Giovanni Direct) as my leave in and the cream/butter to scrunch. Since the first week of August, I have been using 1-4 of the products every day. I usually need to rotate products--so I rotate my curl creme and my leave in a bit. I added the soap bars 9/1 and stopped using gel as a result.
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  • liyanrcaoqiyueliyanrcaoqiyue Banned Banned Users Posts: 2
    how much about a nike dunk ??every one know??

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