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We've added another Swap board topic to our CurlTalk board — for non-hair products.
This forum is a place you can post messages about other beauty products you'd like to swap with other CurlTalkers.
When you find an item you are interested in, e-mail the swapper to inquire about it. You might ask:
Is the item still available? What condition is it in? What are you interested in swapping for it?
Then, through an e-mail dialogue, an agreement may be reached as to what will be traded. Both swappers must agree on the terms of the swap.
Exchange addresses with the person you are swapping with and agree when the items will be sent. If there is a delay, always inform the other party about it. Package items carefully, so they don't get damaged in shipping. Once you receive the item in the mail, send an e-mail indicating that the package has arrived. Once the swap is complete, please update your CurlTalk posting to indicate such.
You should clean your swap item before sending it out.
In the spirit of trading, we expect CurlTalk swappers to be friendly, fair, safe and honest in swapping. Only fair swaps, please. Be honest about the condition, size of the products and how much has been used. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
Swaplifting (not sending out items you agreed to) is a plague for honest swappers. Other swap boards have closed recently because of swaplifting; we don't want that to happen here. We will take very seriously complaints about swaplifting and will deny CurlTalk access to confirmed swaplifters, not that we think any of you would do that.

Naturallycurly.com Swap Disclaimer: Naturallycurly.com does not guarantee the quality or safety of any of the products
you trade or acquire by trade. The choice to swap and the precautions you take are solely your responsibility.
Naturallycurly.com cannot be held liable for any illness or injury. We make no representations, nor offer any restitution
for equity of trades conducted by Naturallycurly.com swap participants, or delivery of traded products.

While we strive to encourage equitable trades, our responsibility is limited to offering this board for your use.

Thanks, and have fun!


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Thanks Gretchen~
    Looking forward to yet another great swapboard here at naturallycurly. . .you guys are great! smile.gif

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