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Ok, I got my hair cut and it was a little bit above my shoulders, but now it is maybe a little bit below my shoulders. I want to grow it out, it was like half-way down my back before i got it cut. I want that back!!!! Any tips on how I can grow it put FAST!!!!!!!
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    Well I have been trying to grow my hair out ever since my bc in June, and its actually grown an inch past my shoulders but it shrinks to my collar bone. I have seen on this board alot of people take MSM or Biotin supplements, there is also some scalp massage oils with ingredients that are supposed to promote healthy hair growth. Go to Jessicurl's website and you'll see one of her oils. I know this isnt much but I hope it helps you out. I think hair growth is just something that can take a long or short process depending on the person.
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