discontinued makeup... any sources?

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They have discontinued my damn lipgloss.
I think it must have gotten discontinued awhile back because I can't even find it on ebay.

This SUCKS. I am so damn sick of my stuff getting discontinued....


Neutrogena moisture shine in "Destiny".
Well, it used to just have a number...then they named it "Destiny". Now the same number is called "Swizzle" and it IS NOT DESTINY!!!! :cussing:

It was the perfect color. It was like lip color with a little bit of plummy red to perk it up a bit.

I'm ever so sad. :(


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    boy, do i HATE when that happens!!! when Maybelline discontinued that gorgeous eye kohl a few years back, i bought as many of them as i could find.

    for lines carried by the Lauder Corporation (MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown among others), try the Cosmetics Company Store at outlet malls around the US.

    other sources for other companies:





    there's always eBay! and if you MUST have THAT colour at any cost Three Custom Color in NYC will match it for you, but it's expensive: $50 for 2 lipsticks or glosses.

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    You can try contacting the company directly. Flatter them by telling them how much you love the product, can't live without it, etc. They may direct you to who they sold their overstock to, and in some cases they may send you some free or at a reduced cost. My sister did this Pantene changed their formula a few years ago and they sent her a huge box of the old stuff plus coupons to try the replacement product for free.
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    Check out a Big Lots store if you have one in your area. A lot of discontinued stuff ends up there.
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    I forgot I posted about this! :lol:

    Thanks so much, you guys...!

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