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ok so i got my hair layered on friday, and it is now a little longer than shoulder length but not to the bra strap on my back. the layers are nice and when i wear it straight they look really good...but today when i put in those conair spiral curlers, the ones that dont need heat, you just wrap them around your hair and clamp them around to secure. well my hair just puffed out :? . i like the really defined curls that are kinda close to the head, but this gave me really poofy hair(with definition also) but i couldnt really walk out of the house with that hairsyle :( . but i was gonna try to go back to scrunching and plopping tomorrow with my new haircut to see if that is any better, but does anyone have any suggestions???

P.S. i was considering buying ISO BOUNCY CREAM has any1 tried it with good results???
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    I never try to curl my hair with anything anymore. If it doesn't do it itself I end up with either a head full of "fluff" or flat and limp. Weird, eh? I'd try to plop and see what happens. I have a layered just below the shoulder cut and mine will curl like crazy one day and just wave the next, but I prefer that to the extra work of curlers - LOL! I'm having good luck with Tizz-No-Frizz Gel and diffusing a bit just before it dries.

    Good luck with it! You should post some new pictures!


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