I found my hair icon!

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Kathy Ireland! LOL! I think my hair is capable. We'll see...


PW: curly


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    That's great! Your hair looks so much like mine. I want to grow my hair out a lot longer too. I can't wait to see how much curl I can get. Since your hair is so similar to mine, may I ask which products you use with good luck? Thanks! :)
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    Sure! I am really new to all this though, so I might not be much help. I might be more help telling you what I've learned on here in the last few weeks!

    1) My hair does not like cyclopentasiloxane. It is in alot of frizz reducing products so I have stopped using them. (Accidentally got Calm that Frizz instead of Tizz no Frizz) It made me weighed down and I had AWFUL second day hair.

    2) My scalp (and hair) is dry so I only need to wash about once or twice a week. I was washing every other day, but I really didn't need it. It was more about styling, so now I just mist and "reset" my hair. It seems to like being wavey and I'm not afraid of the rain anymore!

    3) There is no miracle combo for everyone. I was really hoping there was. Right now I am really likeing Ava's Aussie combo and trying to figure out what has happened when I have a bad hair day. So far I've ruled out "cones", cut WAY back on SLS and ASL, and started rethinking my heavy conditioner. Since I'm being much nicer to my hair, it doesn't seem to need the added weight of a heavy conditioner, although I've only tried it twice now...

    4) My Hair has a mind of it's own. I'm just the body it came from and I have no say! LOL! It's alot like a child - fine with anything one day and demanding and sencitive the next. I have invested in a few really pretty hair toys to keep me from pulling out the flat iron on the not so good days. They are well worth the money!

    5) A little oil goes a long way... LOL! I tried using Burt Bee's Baby Oil on my hair today - about 2 tsp - and it was TOO much! LOL! I LOVE the softness I have now, but it's just a little greasy...

    6) Diffuse! I adore my new diffuser.

    That is about all I know. LOL! I really loved my long waves in Highschool, but I never did anything to them - ponytails and half ponytails. My Mom trimmed me up and I had just discovered conditioner so you can well imagine. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that since I'm taking care of it now that it will look really good long. My hair dresser always comments on how fast my hair grows (the chin length bob was in May of last year) so I'm growing 12 inches of hair a year. I'm hoping my luck (or genetics) holds out!

    You know, I like your hair more than mine... :D


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