Growing Bangs (X-posted in 4a)

downwardspiralsdownwardspirals Posts: 45Registered Users
I have a mixture of 3c, 4a, and 4b hair. The back and sides, which are mostly 4a and 3c, grow the fastest. My bangs, however, have not stretched past the tip of nose in years. I cannot seem to retain any length in this area and it's reall frustrating.

I think my hair would look better if the front got longer and I would love to be able to pull all of my hair back into a pony tail. The front is 4a and 4b. I usually wear my hair in a twistout or pulled back puff. Right now I am wearing it flat twisted with a bun in the back.

I also jumped on the Mega-Tek bandwagon hoping it will help. If anyone has any tips I would really appreciate it.



  • AmberwildcurlAmberwildcurl Posts: 8Registered Users
    I had been having the same problem,

    but I have found if I pay special attention to the front (where it wont grow, and is a "heavier" texture)
    give it extra moisturizer and you may want to look more at the styles where you have been pulling your hair back, it could be breaking your hair off do to pulling it too tight and applying pressure I guess you would say, also be careful with brushes if you use one to smooth your hair back, stop it,stop it, stop. :)

    Since I have been doing this it has helped tons, hope this helps you.

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