Revenge of the Curls

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Hello everyone.:hello2:
So I found this website while looking for ways to cut my own curly bangs. Luckily I spent some time browsing through the forums and decided instead of cutting bangs to de-frizz my head.

I had the curly girl book *which mysteriously disappeared when I moved* :banghead: and had made some good progress, but I was having problems with this and that so eventually I gave up. The progress was great while it lasted and after looking at all the amazing pictures of all your hair transformations I thought I would give it another go. :toothy7: Plus having all your expert help won't hurt! Today I am going to take a picture of my hair so I have a good comparison in the future! Throw away my poo and buy a cone free conditioner. :happy3:
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    Hello and welcome!

    Good luck with CG. Let us know how you're progressing.
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    There is a ton of information on the board and I found it a bit overwhelming at first, but take your time!
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