New to being natural.

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Hi All,
I am glad to introduce myself , well not yet with pictures. I had my my last relaxer Aug 14, 2008. My decision was made due to the damage I have from the creamy crack.I looked back 4 years, after my hair fell off after a disaterous hair color. I decided to grow that out, well my hair remains the same length no matter what I do just above shoulder lenght :banghead: .
Well the day finally I decided no more was the day I join this blog and I told my SO that I was going natural. He was somewhat supportive.
I will need your help I plan to wear a weave for the next couple of months as I work in a highly professional enivronment.Until I figure all this out.
What advise would you give a newbie like me. Thanks Guys ;)
I am a divine original fashioned by God to be radiantly beautiful.:angel10:



  • CalamityMCalamityM Posts: 541Registered Users Curl Novice
    Yay! I'm so excited for you. Making the choice to embrace your natural hair is so freeing. I spend LESS time now on my hair, than I ever did when I used to straighten it. I used to constantly use a flat iron, and I had is permanently straightened once. I get FAR more compliments on my hair now that it's natural that I ever did when I had it processed and straight.

    As far as advice for a newbie goes, I would suggest you read read read! Explore this forum, and look to see what people who have walked down the same path have done. There are many people with your hair type, who have given up relaxer. I have seen some amazing transformations. I actually get excited for people when they decide to do this, because I think they look so fantastic once their real hair is unleashed.

    Welcome!! Looking forwards to seeing you in the forums....
  • marie.lmarie.l Posts: 702Registered Users

    you'll find advice and support in the transitioning forum and some fab natural styles in curlpix

  • fricasisfricasis Posts: 19Registered Users
    thanks for the advise and support. Hope to learn a lot.:tongue8:
    I am a divine original fashioned by God to be radiantly beautiful.:angel10:


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