help for thin, fine hair please

I'm new to the CG thing, but I have always had is thin, fine hair. If you measure the ponytail it's just over 2" - just barely "medium" - but has always described as "baby fine" too.

One thing I've been struggling with is how my scalp shows through my curls at the top back of my head. It seems like no matter what I do, my dark hair and a glorious cow lick on the back of my head make for a perceived bald spot ... when my hair is curly :banghead:

Bald Spot:
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If I diffuse upside down, I get frizz down the length of my hair. If I try to clip pieces to each other, I get frizz where I've touched and clipped. That back crown of my head just doesn't like to be touched but that cow lick and thin, fine hair is frustrating me.

(Here's a "dry" picture, from last week before I got my extensions out)

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Can any of you recommend other tricks that I can try?

There are bigger pictures, and other photos, if you click here.

(And if anyone wants to weigh in on 3a vs 3b that would be greatly appreciated too.. Right now I think it's 3a with a Denman but 3b with a pick :toothy10:)

My current routine is in my sig. Thank you all so much in advance - this web site's forums have been invaluable already.
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    My scalp tends to show through also at times. From looking at your pictures I noticed that in the last few of them I didn't see your scalp at all. These are the pics on the bottom row where your hair is completely dry also your hair has more volume in these pics. In the pictures you posted in your thread your hairs seems to still be wet, My scalp ALWAYS shows through when it it still wet.
    From my experience the best thing to do about it is to clip. I always have to manipulate my hair around a bit and clip it where I want the curls to lay while it's wet. I also can't use products that weigh my hair down at all.
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    Try diffusing using the Pixiecurl method. I don't use the method myself, but thats because I can diffuse upside and get no frizz at all.

    There was a thread on here about it somewhere.
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    My hair grows funny on the back - right below the top. While it's wet I do move that hair around a bit with either a Denman or a comb. Once it is dry I really have to move that hair around to stop the scalp show through. And my hair is fine/thin as well. My scalp shows a lot while its wet and drying but once it is dry I scrunch and I also run my hands right along my scalp once it is dry to make sure my hair is not 'sticking' to my head. I constantly am stressed about how fine/thin my hair is so I feel your pain. I do diffuse so that gives me some volume and lift as well.
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    My hair is similar to yours (just a bit lighter, this week anyway, and my bangs have grown to just below my nose when straight). I hate the bald spots! Just never seems to be enough hair to go around. I swear, this one issue is the thing I have yet to master, and seems to take up the most time of any in my routine.

    Anyway, clipping doesn't work for me when wet, it just falls over. I use LOOB at my roots, it gives me more volume than just gel (the rest of my hair gets gel). Then I comb through with a fine tooth comb for clumping. I try to make sure that when I start I don't have any "bald spots", that the hair is distributed evenly *before* I start scrunching. I always still see scalp but I just try to make sure there isn't a big swirly cowlick that will be too obvious.

    Then I diffuse by pushing my hair up, in the opposite direction of where gravity wants to make it lie. When I do that, I make sure to lift the curls away from my head, rather than letting them get tangled (for me, diffusing upside down gets them tangled in back and causes frizz when I try to sort things out back there).

    Then, if there are still spots when dry, I will wet just that spot, clip it together by making a loop at the root area (again in the direction opposite gravity) and give it a shot with the blowdryer (diffused, again) and then let it cool. Sometimes I get a little frizz if I do that, so I have to be careful when clipping to separate the curls and clip up an actual clump rather than just some random hair.

    I think if I could clip when wet (doing the loop thing all over my crown) and then let it air dry that would be ideal. But my hair looks stringy and hard if I don't diffuse it, and I've tried diffusing when I have clips in and it just gets to be, for me, a tangled mess and my hair gets caught in the clips and they get hot and its just a disaster. So this works for me.

    Later if I am out and I notice a spot, I will slide my hand in under my curls, at the root, and "stir" it a bit to get a little volume and get it away from lying flat at the roots, but you have to be very careful not to disturb the rest of the curl pattern and it takes a lot of practice. I've tried using Tweek to do this but I just get frizz--it works better for me when dry.

    Also, for me anyway, plopping makes my hair flat at the roots. If I could plop with clips, maybe, but when I tried that I got the tangled mess again. And I hate tangles, anything that makes me lose additional hair is a no-go for me.

    Hope that helps, I still don't have it down yet, thats for sure...
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    Another fine/thin curly with crazy cowlicks in the back. After I diffuse and while my hair is still damp, I move pieces around and clip them to fill in the "bald" spots. I'm not really bald, but my hair "sticks" to my scalp and then spouts off as a curl an inch or two away from where it starts. It looks like yours does the same thing.

    Clipping helps, but some days, my scalp just shows. :roll: I try to focus on the fact that I don't have to look at it and as long as my hair looks good from the front, it doesn't matter. :smile:
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    Thank you all so much! Yes - that's exactly it. It's not bald, per se, but stuck to my head in a curl pattern that's not appealing. Hey at least there's root curl, right? ahahaha

    I will try some of these methods. The rest of my head loves the plop, but perhaps I am making my own problems worse with that!

    Thank you thank you - I'm off to experiment and learn more :read2:
    "when I sleep, my curls crush flat, like a slinky that's slopped sideways"
    Gone 'girly. Last 'poo 10/18/08
    Current experiment is Co-Wash and Condition: V05 kiwi lime clarifying conditioner
    Then KBB super silky, KCCC, then L'Oreal Melting Gel with a bit of GF Super Stiff mixed in.
    Pre-toweling, post-toweling, pre-plop and post-plop. The jury is not out on the plopping thing. I think my hair is too fine.
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    Hair clumping in chunks will make your scalp show.

    You can disguise those areas by bringing a piece over or under another & so on, kind of like what stylists do in making a zig-zag, broken or illusion part.

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    Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic gel gives my hair more volume with soft curls. When dry, I lift up the top layer of hair in the problem areas and rub my scalp to get the hair underneath to cover the "bald spots" or take a comb and gently make little circles right over the top layer lifting the tiny hairs that are plastered against my scalp. Either method gives me more volume without making frizz. When my hair is really stubborn I sprinkle on some dark brown hair fibers and no one can tell! Check my scalp out!
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    Another fine curly here. I had dense hair when I was younger, but thyroid and medication issues have thinned it out. Have the cowlick and the crown issues as well, especially on wet. I try to make sure my part doesn't go too far to the back and place the hair while wet. It's a little better when I SOTC and loosen the hair from my scalp. I cowashed for six months. Started to use natural soap bars to cleanse a little over a year ago. It tightened my curls and really increased volume a lot.
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