how often do you shampoo?

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I'm like a 2c. I've become moderately addicted to shampooing...sulfate free of course but...I generally have an urge to shampoo my hair like three times a week. How often do y'all shampoo if at all? I think maybe I should cut back, I'm feeling a little guilty about it haha..


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    i was going for a routine with shampooing once a week, but it has grown to 2 or 3 times a week, and i use a sulfate, coz i hate for my hair to look greasy!eeek!im trying to get back on track, but only yesterday i 'pooed with a cone:evil2:..i know i know, -sigh-:roll:...but my hair looks good today, i water washed airdried and put in some oil..then refreshed with h2o and condish, it looks good so far, frizzy but hey, when did i ever lose frizz
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    • hard water
    • varying product use
    • weather-hair chemistry confusion
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    I have to say that I shampoo 3 to 4 times a week. I'm probably a 2c ish. It seems more like 4 lately because I've been playing around with shampoos and conditioners a lot and a lot of them have just been leaving me feeling really greasy (more like silicone-y!).
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    I'd say I 'poo maybe 3 days a week. I use all natural soap bars (followed by a Bragg's ACV rinse), a.

    When I co-washed, I tended to do so pretty much every day- mostly because I never got much 2nd day hair like I'm seeming to now that I use the shampoo bars.
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    i wash my hair every day. i alternate mop-c, giovanni and a cv soap bar. i'm a wash-and-go gal and if i water wash my hair dries really flat and looks greasy. i do an overnight deep conditioning at least once a week and i try to have one day a week where i don't wet it at all (of course its always the weekend and i am housebound).
    still working on it
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    I'm currenly using shampoo bars and shampooing every day followed by an ACV rinse; I think my hair has never looked better.

    When I was alternating between low-pooing and cowashing, I would low-poo every 3rd day or so.
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  • TillyMunchyWavesTillyMunchyWaves Posts: 671Registered Users
    I shampoo every 6 to 8 days, generally. I either use a Nature's Gate, Giovanni, or Lily of the Desert Aloe Shampoo. That seems to work best for me. I haven't shampooed every day or even every other day in over 15 years.

    I cowash every other day.

    If I washed with shampoo more than that I think my scalp would fry.

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  • wavycurly40+wavycurly40+ Posts: 2,017Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I still have to shampoo every 3 days. When I try for less, my scalp gets very flaky. Sometimes I think it's gels building up, sometimes I think it's conditioner building up (I can never cowash more than one day in a row), and sometimes I think it's just my scalp. Whatever it is, I have to scrub it away with low 'poo.

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  • RyanneRyanne Posts: 686Registered Users
    I don't poo at all. I use an ACV rinse.
  • eweniqueewenique Posts: 1,502Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I don't use shampoo either. Just water wash every 2 - 3 days, or an occasional cowash. After getting highlights once, and lowlights once, the hairdresser used a low poo. I may try the soap bars that are the newest craze sometime, though.
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  • UP LisaUP Lisa Posts: 98Registered Users
    I wash 4 times per week, since my scalp is very oily.
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    I shampoo with Giovanni TTT 2-3 times a week. Shampooing to many times (or with a sulfate) dries out my hair and with not often enough makes it look greasy. Before this site I never knew that hair was so specific.:laughing7:
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    Sorry for the offtopic but... Lisa, what a cute hair! And so long *_* They're awesome!

    I wash my hair everyday... They're really oily. But all the time I'm trying do something with that.
    Last mounth I washed my hair by conditioner. My waves were so pretty. But I had to wash them at everyday, too.
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  • mrl234mrl234 Posts: 548Registered Users
    I have very dry skin, scalp, and hair, so I never shampoo; I found the CG thing really easy to adjust to, after the first week. I cowash 4 times a week and that's more than enough to get rid of any dirt or greasiness.
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  • FeralcurlsFeralcurls Posts: 408Registered Users
    I alternate between cowashing and shampooing. So one day I cowash, the next day I shampoo. I use a low poo. About once a month I do a clarifying wash.
  • ArcanaArcana Posts: 68Registered Users
    I COwash about two to three times a week, and use my sulfate free shampoo once a week or so.

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    I low-poo or shampoo bar every day. I tried co-washing/water washing/etc and it just didn't work for me.
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    Feralcurls wrote: »
    I alternate between cowashing and shampooing. So one day I cowash, the next day I shampoo. I use a low poo. About once a month I do a clarifying wash.

    Pretty much what I do :) I use Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and then VO5 to cowash. I shampoo with a sulfate every once and a while when my roots get this weird greasy feeling thing going on.
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    I used to shampoo daily, whether it was sulfates, non sulfates, cones, non cones, shampoo bars, CO'ing, or low pooing. I've managed to stretch that to 2-3 times a week. Most weeks I'll do it twice. I'm stretching that further to once a week from here, and I will stick with that. :D
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    Thank you very much for the compliment!

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