prom hairstyles???

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Ok i'm thinkin ahead to prom and i have no idea what kinda of formal hairstyles my hair is capable of...i have waist-length thick hair and i kinda want an updo, but i think i have too much hair! and i've lost all trust in my town's hair salons, so does anyone know of any do-it-yourself formal hairstyles for long curly hair? or websites? anything will be helpful!! thanks!
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    you could try this, I used to do it when my hair was longer. make one long loose braid down your back, but don't straigten your hair or anything. just leave the curls as are. then twist the braid until it's in a bun and secure it with pins or clips. decorate the bun with flowers or clippies
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    Stay tuned for April, when we'll have our Prom photo shoot on the site!

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    Kinda late... anyway make a ponytail. Do 2 braids, and wrap one clockwise and the other counterclockwise around each other. You can pin, clip, or simply twist in place.

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