Liggett's Shampoo bar - Anyone use?

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It was calling my name in Whole Foods. I have 3 unused samples of Chagrin Valley so I was able to pass it by.

But I'm curious what users think of it. It's made in New Hampshire so it's local.


INGREDIENTS: Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Almond
Oil, Olive Oil, coconut oil, castor
oil, fresh pure New Hampshire spring water,
sodium hydroxide (a binder), and
pure essential oils for fragrance.
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  • kathymackkathymack Posts: 9,999Registered Users
    Bars with castor oil make my hair a frizzy mess! Don't you wonder with Vit E as the first ingredient?
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    I bought this one (the regular one) at my health food store last weekend since I have NO patience and couldn't wait til I could get a bar from KathyMac (I plan to order from her when she get the one in that I wanted to try). This one suds up a lot and I have to say that my hair has been curlier since I have been using it. I use it every day and condition with VO5 vanilla mint then leave a small amt of the condish in my hair. I am only using some Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream as my styling product. I have used it before and my hair seems to like it. Can't wait to try KathyMac's though...:toothy8:
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