Whole world has gone politic crazy!

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Just a question... Why do you think that in this election, more than any other, everyone is tuning in to America's politics? Not to mention the tons of young voters who have never really expressed an interest before... It seems there's been a surge in interest. What's your take on it.....
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    There's just SO much at stake now...

    I don't know, I mean... I think we saw some of this with the last election too. After we moved into Iraq, the rest of the world definitely took a greater interest in our political future and plans, and younger voters tuned in a little more out of concern for their own futures with the war.

    Now... Iraq's still an issue, and we have Iran/Afganistan/god knows who else that could potentially be an issue if some people get into power. The US economy is tanking, which means the WORLD economy is sliding fast... and the young voters now not only have to worry about the war but how the economy is going to effect their future financially (which, lets face it... gets their/our attention even faster).
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    Mainly because there is a possibility a white male will not be president. And Bush really really sux.
  • CocoaCoilyCocoaCoily Posts: 2,648Registered Users
    I think the biggest reason is because a black man has a very real chance of becoming president. This is huge historically. Race is still a big deal in America, and around the world.

    People are also tired of the past 8 years of Bush fumbling through, and playing a major role in diminishing our world standing.
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    One word: Obama. I think the election has been about him from day one. We live such a media-centric culture and he's impossible to ignore. He's young, he's biracial, attractive and gives good speech. If the high stakes thing were true, Gore and Kerry could have mustered something much more impressive.
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    I think it's 3/4 knowing that either Obama or Palin either one will be a first. 1/4 is everything else. The economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, the make up of the supreme court.

    Finally the younger folks have noticed Sh_t this is our future who we are handing to these people. The supreme court choices made now will affect their future and maybe their kid's future.
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    This is an incredibly historic election and it comes at a time when the United States is vulnerable. I think Colin Powell was right and that what is need is a generational change, and that Obama is transformational.
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    I happened to be in Europe at a business meeting on Election day 2004. I knew the Europeans were very interested in the outcome (and that they wanted Bush to lose), but I was surprised at the extent of the interest. Every time the meeting took a break, they would put the CNN election results up on the big projection screen.

    The US has a huge influence on the rest of the world -- for good or for bad.

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