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I know this is a silly poll but I've been a complete PJ ever since finding this site. :oops: I've tried so many products and now I'm really longing for a routine. So I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to look at my Fotki album and give me your opinoins. I want to clear out some of my products(we don't have room for them all) and I can't decide what to get rid of and what to buy more of. Thanks for your help!
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  • curlybeancurlybean Registered Users Posts: 66
    I loved the Potar gel in your hair. You had great definition and incredible shine. Very pretty hair.
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  • KurleeKurlee Registered Users Posts: 1,354
    I liked the Curls products best I think. What do you use in picture #6 in the first Album (Winter 2006)?
  • curlinicatorcurlinicator Registered Users Posts: 911
  • urbancurlurbancurl Registered Users Posts: 980
    I voted for POTAR gel too. I also love how your hair looks after you rinsed out the RT.
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  • IwantcurlyhairIwantcurlyhair Registered Users Posts: 338
    Kurlee wrote:
    I liked the Curls products best I think. What do you use in picture #6 in the first Album (Winter 2006)?
    It was the Curls NE lotion.
    Thank you so much for your opinoins(and compliments) so far. Since POTAR was winning the last time I checked I decided to use it again for Valentine's Day(it's been a while since I've used it and I forgot what my hair looked like). The gel left my hair shiny, had good hold, and my hair was very curly. I just seem to have a lot of "skinny" curls when I use it. I prefer clumpy curls but I guess I'm just being greedy. POTAR gel is also the one product I just ran out of. :roll:

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