Awkward "Growing Out" Hairstyles?

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Hey all! So I cut my hair REEEEEEALLY short 26 June and it looked really cute. However, I am now in awkward growing out phase. I just got my "mullet" cut about a week ago so I don't like terrible but my hair is still pretty short (think a thicker Halle Berry haircut).

My question is, does anyone have any idea as to what I can do with my hair? All I have been doing is switching parts, putting hair clips on and wearing headbands for the last four months. D:
There is a phenomenal amount of beauty in self-acceptance. <3


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    I had really short hair years ago so I know what your going through I used to use a hair wax and mess it up for a textured look like this
    it will grow just have fun with it....
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  • notyouraveragecurlnotyouraveragecurl Posts: 193Registered Users
    oh jeez, there is NO way my hair could even BEGIN to pull that off, TRUST me :)

    it is very very very curly, so that hairstyle, while it is beautiful, is unfortunately for women with straighter hair. i've been thinking more along the lines of styles whether it concerns braids (though not cornrows--that s h i t hurts!) or different clipped up sections.

    ARRRGH i dunno! I'm just terrified that I'm going to get bored and ruin it by dyeing my hair or getting extensions....

    i'm holding off as long as i can!!!
    There is a phenomenal amount of beauty in self-acceptance. <3
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    I got my hair cut REALLY short one time, but it looked horrible on me. lol... it was the worst decision of my life... and the growing out phase was terrible! At least yours looked cute on you! :-)

    Is your hair long enough yet to get small barrettes and twist back sections from the front to keep it out of your way? (the shape ends up looking like a headband of tiny little clips around your face) I actually have a headband that doubles to do this... it takes some practice to get it even, but it looks really cute when you finally get it, and, let's face it... we have curly hair... we can do whatever we want, make our hair as big as we want, and it's perfectly fine! :-D
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    Trying to grow out all the damage I've done to my poor curls... the ultimate goal is waist-length, healthy, natural curly hair. :-)

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  • patientlygrowingpatientlygrowing Posts: 62Registered Users
    I thought you said your hair was like halle berry's sorry I didnt read it right didnt see the word thick in front of it that site has alot of hairstyles for different types of hair just do a search in the gallery
    goodluck be patient....
    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart.:love4:
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    After having a bout with PCOS and nearly loosing all my hair I now have most of it back. In the process I lost my long lush curly auburn locks that were the envy of all. I had so many compliments when I wore it natural. Now Im stuck with a short steep angled bob that stops just shy of my chin line. Its a style from the 1930-40 era. At first I liked it...thought it trendy and cute. But when my curls began to spring up the style looks off balance and messy. I often blow it out straight for my hair is very easy to work with and not needing a ton of product to get that bone straight look. But I want it back to at least shoulder length so that I can wear my curls with far more confidence than I have now. How to get it there a wee bit faster is what I hope to find. Ive heard that Nisim sells a product like call F.A.S.T. a shampoo and conditioner that promotes speedy hair growth. Im wanting to try it to see..has anyone ever tried it with success?.
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    I cut my hair off last year, it was like an inch long. After about 6 months I finally had some length and could play with it.

    I used a lot of head wraps and wrap around head bands, which was really fun. I got a lot of compliments and comments about the confidence to wear them.

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