Found a hairdresser in Brisbane

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Hi All

I have finally found a hairdresser in Brisbane who seems to be able to cut my curly hair :) My hair is between 3b & C and quite thick. The hairdress is Ella and she is at Stefan in Westfield Carindale in Brisbane. Hope she wont mind me putting this on here but just wanted to share with others. She did something different the last time I went to her and straightened my hair first before cutting it and it turned out great. I had it nicely shaped around my face and had it quite thinned out (great for this heat were having). Cant believe Ive been spending heaps of money going to lots of these little designer hairdressers only to not get a good cut. Then I find a great hairdresser for a great price in Stefan, not that theres anything wrong with Stefan but you know what mean.

Anyhow hope this is of use to other Brisvegas curlies.
bye Flossy :lol: