Want My Curls Back!!! :(

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I just did this process called "Matrix Optismooth Cold Smoothing". I have 3b type hair and I just wanted to loosen my curls. Well, my hair is not the same and I totally miss my curls. My hair does not even come out wavy, just freezy and poofy!!! I totally regret doing it. :banghead:

I have long hair, passed my bra line. Should I just be patient and keep putting my hair up until my curls come back? Do you think if I cut my hair my curls will come back?

Has anyone gone through the same thing I'm going through?!!!

Please help.


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    There's no reason to think that your new growth will look like the hair you processed. You treated what's already outside your scalp, and that doesn't affect your natural curl.

    If anything is breaking off, consider having that trimmed off, so that you don't lose length to split ends. Healthy hair looks better too. Take care of your hair extra special! Try using gels and other things to enhance the treated hair into curling, although there's no guarantee it will look like your natural curls.

    You could go the big chop route, but it sounds like you have tons of length, and losing that so quickly might not be something you'd be okay with after you did it.
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    I guess I"m just going to be patient and work with what I have right now.... Cutting my hair will be a bit dramatic for me, since it took me forever to grow it.
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    I did the same thing. I had 3B hair that was just before my bra line and I chemically relaxed it to loosen the curl. After about 8 months of trying to trim the old relaxer I just ended up with 3b regrowth with relaxed ends. I tried everything to make it look better but I finally chopped it off. I am so much happier and my curls look so much better. I still have some relaxer on the top but I would suggest cutting it and starting over. Just love your curls because they always win in the end.:notworthy:
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    yeah i keep contemplating between leaving my hair or cutting it. i most probably will end up cutting it... :goofy: hopefully it will grow fast...:roll:
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    I had the same problem not so long ago. last year i had a relaxer(oct), and all it did was leave the frizz and take out the curl. not what i was hoping for. i could not wear it curly and had to flat iron every day.
    after months of frustration i finally decided to get some cut off. first i did just 3 inches. then, the next month, 1 or 2 more.i started out with past shoulder length, and now have chin length. i decided i would rather have healthy curly hair ,short, than a mess long. i am realy glad i have it all off now. i am going to start growing it back out, but having a cute sassy short style is kind of fun for a change.
    so the moral of this story. you will most likely be better off cutting it, and starting over. if you dont you will spend who knows how long frustrated. sam