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I'm excited to start the curly girl journey. I really hope it will bring out more curl. What I'm thinking about though is my color. I have always had some light blond highlights in my hair to various degrees. I feel like I look better with lighter hair, I have fair skin and blue eyes. I've been reading how much highlighting is bad for hair and feel like I'd have to go back to natural to start this process.

I guess I need that little push to say goodbye to the color that looks good on me. It also doesn't help that my mom is trying to convince me to keep the blond. I hope going CG is worth the color.

These pictures are kind of the extremes my hair has been color wise.
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    Why do you have to say goodbye to the highlights?? My color is probably close to yours--a little darker (with some gray) now that I'm older. I use mostly natural products on my hair but still highlight.
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    Hi Peachypanda....and Hi Kathymack....

    I'm a stylist....I'm also chemically sensitive. Like kathymack, I use natural products on my hair on a daily basis. I do however, color my hair. Granted, I do a demipermanent color, which is a little different, and bit more gentle, but that's just about all my hair and scalp can handle. As long as you're taking good care of your hair (which you will be with CG) you'll be able to counteract some of the damage with coloring. You can always do a DT a few days later....but not the day of as it can remove color.
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    You do look good as a blond. I bet if you were to do co-washes and do the CG thing, your hair would be in good shape. Dryness is culprit.
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    I really like the light brown carmel color in the middle picture.
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    I actually prefer your color in photos 2 and 4, next choice is 3. Is your hair naturally like any of those? I think they provide more contrast and make your eyes pop more. :) You can always go back to your natural color, then just add a few highlights here and there if you want.
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    ITA with what's been said...

    dying/highlighting isn't going to ruin your hair, as long as you're taking care of it well the rest of the time. There are plenty of us on here that are CG but still dye :) I've just started using henna, which is actually pretty good for your hair, but if you're wanting blond I think the henna/cassia route is kind of out. It won't lighten, just add color.
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  • PeachyPandaPeachyPanda Registered Users Posts: 17
    Don't know if anyone will look at this, but thanks for the responses!

    I started CG recently and am loving what it has done. It's nice to hear that I won't go back to square one by highlighting again. I'll have to make a decision soon about the color of my hair, since roots are coming. Now if only I could find a good place in Sweden...
    2 something with some 3a, I think...
    Started CG: Oct 22nd 2008
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