New to straightening?

carlyisapiratecarlyisapirate Registered Users Posts: 59
I just got a new wet to straight flat iron, and I really need a few tips to help me learn how to use it correctly. Like, how in the world do I straighten the back? And, why is it all dry and frizzy even after I run the flat iron over a piece of my hair several times?

Thanks :-)


  • jazzi erika jazzi erika Registered Users Posts: 14
    i have the same hair straightener and its exactly like that i don't know what to do it looks awful crappolia
  • livvy123livvy123 Registered Users Posts: 102
    I have tried using those wet to straight flat irons, and have just found that they damage my hair more than a regular iron. I would suggest blowing your hair out as straight as you can get it and going over it with your straightener to get the sleek, shiny, really straight look you may want. Also, you should use a heat protection product to decrease damage. Good luck ;)
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  • SarabearSarabear Registered Users Posts: 13
    I also bought an iron wet/dry. I used it for two years almost straight everyday. Looking back I wish that I would have taken better care of my hair while using it, or not used at all. I never was able to use on my wet hair though, it might have worked but was too time consuming.
    My technique to save time was to always take a shower the night before, put product in my hair and put up in a bun. Then in the morning my hair would be dry and I would tackle it with the iron. I don't have the patience to blow dry then straight iron.
    My suggestion if you are going to do the iron is to make sure to condition your hair and use a serum spray on each section of hair to help curb some of the damage. Also brushing out your hair into sections and doing layer by layer helps with the overall smooth effect.
    I liked Sunsilk straitening cream although I don't remember the exact name it came in either a little green or purple bottle and I used Matrix spray serum for protection, BUT I got super lazy and always skipped this step and ruined my curls for a year because of it and harsh bleaching.
    On a personal note I have gone back to totally natural and have found that my hair takes no time to style this way, but I know what you mean about wanting your hair straight.
    Just take care and remember some people would kill for your curls.

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