Blonde Curls!

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im thinking of going blonde.. ima natural brunette.. and id like to go with a warm honey almost blonde color.. my hair is naturally darker underneath.. do you think i should keep it kinda dark underneath to add definition or just let my stylist do it all?!
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    I'm also a natural brunette who bleaches her hair. I really like the look of chunky highlights in the front where the sun would naturally hit your face and darker underneath. I think that will be a good look for you.
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    I'm a natural blonde but dye a lot of it dark brown! I think having a mix is great - it seems to have defined the look of my curls a bit more (esp at a distance) than when it was all one colour. I also think it looks a bit better now. So in answer to your question, yeah, I'd say keep some of your ace brown.
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    I used to be a natural dark strawberry blonde, but it's been so long since I've seen my hair without color, who knows what it is now? LOL!

    When I have my hair colored, I always get highlights and lowlights. IMO, it adds depth and looks less "fake".
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    I am a dark brunette who has been a neutral honey blonde since 2/08...I do like it but at times I miss being brunette. I don't find my hair is in any worse condition but I now use Jessicurl products which I find much more nourishing than the Giovanni I typically swear by. I think the highlights give great definition to curls but dark curls are cool too. I just get sick of the root maintenance because being so dark it can start to look trashy (I think). Good luck!
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