Feria - Anyone use?

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Good Morning,

Does anyone use Feria?
I noticed on TV, they have a new one out, I never used before b/c I thought I hard it's really hard on your hair.



  • zoel85zoel85 Registered Users Posts: 6
    i've used Feria. i didn't really like it. I haven't tried out the new one they have out but so far I think it was harsh to my hair and the smell is so strong you know it must be doing some sorta damage. the color of course wasn't a disappointment but i think it took me a few weeks before my hair felt healthy. Its just my opinion. maybe others felt differently about it. I think it just happens when i use dye products. good luck
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    I've read a number of posts here saying that Feria is really bad for your hair. I decided to skip it. It's a shame, because they have some of the best reds out there.
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    They do have awesome colors...but don't use it! I think it's one of the worst dyes out there especially for curls (as far as damage goes). the smell is insanely strong. I had to use a fan, and leave the room every 2 minutes to breathe.
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    Yeah, I've heard horror stories about Feria, too. However, it consistently gets top ratings in beauty magazines such as Allure.
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    I've used Feria twice. The high pigment color bleeds out of your hair too easily. It comes out on everything. Your towels, drip marks on the back of your shirt - everything.

    I did a red once, and the red came out on everything. Faded very fast.

    I did a blue black, and within 3 or 4 days I had no more blue and was just left with black.
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    I loved Feria - used it a lot. has GREAT colors and caused me 2 years of hair damage. My hair actually woulnd't take color any more because it did me in so badly and I was only using it every 3-4 months.... Not too often, just to get the greys out, etc... My stylist explained that these kits have a lot of metal build up in them and after a while, build up so much that nothing will take to your hair - color or even some styling potions... So, beware... As "alluring" as they are, it's not worth it in the end.....
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  • ~GypsyCurls~~GypsyCurls~ Registered Users Posts: 351
    Interesting how the responses differ so much! They do have some great/unique colors, I use the Ruby Rush shade. I've actually used several different shades over the years, and like all permanent hair color, it will leave your hair damaged but it's not impossible to get it back to being healthy. Since I've changed my hair routine, my hair has been healthier in the first place, with or without dye. Last time I used it (a few weeks ago) it did leave my hair dry for a couple days, but I just used a lot of conditioner, and a protein treatment, and the condition of my hair is great. I didn't use the conditioner that comes with it though, since I don't use 'cones, but if you do then your results may vary. I think everyone's reaction to it will be different.
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    I was faithful to chocolate cherry for years. I needed ALOT to cover all my hair though-my stylist normally asked for five to seven packages. It was great for a few months and then it would fade.

    I get the exact same color (if not more beautiful version judging by pics) with Henna, without the smell.
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    I used the feria hi-lift for dark hair on my boyfriend, in downtown brown I think? He has dark brown hair, almost black, and it lifted it really well, it looked almost exactly like the result on the box and his hair did sort of almost shimmer, I think of all the hi-lift dyes on the shelf feria did a pretty good job, and there was no brassiness either. I couldn't tell if the dye damaged his hair more than others, but honestly I think if they made it more gentle it wouldn't have eliminated brassiness as well.
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