good curly straightener for 3a/3b hair?

jazzi erika jazzi erika Registered Users Posts: 14
I am looking to find a good hair straightener that doesn't cost to much and does not damage hair could someone please recommend one to me?:happy1:


  • curlybrunette5curlybrunette5 Registered Users Posts: 264
    In my experience, you get what you pay for when it comes to flat irons. I've tried 'em all- cheap drugstore ones to the CHI (that one I cheated and just used a friend's ;) ) I'm on here preaching the word of the Maxiglide all the time, but it really is the greatest thing to happen to my hair. It's pricey, but in my opinion totally and completely 100% worth every penny because it makes my hair straight and shiny, it stays straight and shiny (I actually had my neighbor stop me outside the other day and tell me "I saw your hair gleaming from down the street. You better never do anything crazy to it!" little does she know my hair is dyed and normally very curly...hehe), and my hair is in really good shape after about 3 months of continuous use. (I wash and straighten about once every 5-7 days; wash my bangs every 2 days)

    So there. I'm done. I really should be getting a commission. ;)
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    I'm a huge huge fan of the CHI *nod* Nothing else I've tried has come close to what that thing does to my hair. Others might get it straight, sure... but my CHI smoothes all the cuticles so my hair looks glossy, smooth and completely frizz free. Even on rainy days!

    So long as my hair doesn't get wet, the straight, shiny hair stays. It's amazing. And i never noticed any kind of damage from it either. Some split ends, maybe, but I also dye my hair so I dunno which caused them.
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