HELP flyaways and frizz HELP

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Hey everyone,

I have some nice waves and curls going on (I'm a 2b/2c), but I also have a lot of frizz and flyaways. It sucks. It even would happen when I used to straighten my hair a lot. If you have had this problem, have you found a (CG, silicone-free, affordable on a broke student budget) product that combats it effectively?

Thanks in advance
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    Hi! :icon_smile:

    I feel your pain when it comes to the frizz. It's my number one issue. Everyone finds different solutions to this, but what really helps me is using a good, moisturizing, detangling conditioner, a leave-in conditioner and sometimes some gel if I want to bring out the waves and get a little more frizz protection. Basically, my routine is this:

    1. Shower at night
    2. Shampoo (I often use the sulfate kind)
    3. Condition well. Leave on the conditioner for a couple minutes and use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute it before rinsing. I currently use Dove Intense Therapy Conditioner. It has 'cones, but they don't build up since I use shampoo.
    4. Leave in a conditioner. Right now I leave in some of my Dove conditioner or else my hair is a big, tangled rat's nest. Use enough so that your hair feels moisturized but not greasy.
    5. Sleep on a towel
    6. Comb out hair
    7. Wet the canopy, smooth on Herbal Essences Body Envy Gel and scrunch (Sometimes I skip this if my frizz is behaving and I want soft hair).

    If you don't like using 'cones and need more product recommendations, please feel free to check out the product reviews in my fotki. Good luck and let us know how you do! :blob2:
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    Here's a site with a list of CG products:

    You may want to start with a Suave Naturals or VO5 conditioner, and LA Sport gel or Herbal Essence Set Me Up gel. If you need more moisture, then move up to a richer conditioner, try a honey rinse, or KY Jelly. There is a lot of experimenting before you find what works for you. Actually, many of us love to experiment indefinitely! :wink:
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    I am CG (no silicones, no sulfates). One thing that worked for me was oil. I use Jane Carter's Hair Nourishing Serum on dry hair and it helped immensely. My hair soaked it up and would curl more, frizz less. As my hair as gotten healthier, I've used it less and less often. But when I do get frizz, the serum helps.

    Also, no touchie your hair until it's COMPLETELY dry. Don't scrunch, don't move it around, don't try to re-habilitate a "bad" spot. Leave it alone. The less I touch my hair, the better. I clip the roots after diffusing and then don't touch until it's totally dry.

    Finally, I've been CG for more than six months now. My hair is much less frizzy the longer I've gone without straightening.

    Good luck!
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