Growing my hair out and have a couple questions!

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Hey everyone,
I have been reading some of the other threads and I was wondering if it is true that hair gets curlier as it gets longer. Right now my hair is about and inch or so past my shoulder and I am hoping to grow it out to BSL. Have you guys found that it gets alot easier to get curls in your hair as it gets longer? Also is there any tips to get beautiful defined curls? Can you all please share with me your routines every day that have given you great curls. Sorry I can't post any pics of myself my computer won't let me. you can kinda see my hair in my avator pic. Sorry I had so many questions. So PLEASE post ANY tips or routines or anything, because I am starting to try new things with my hair to see what works best. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! :) Oh yeah my hair is 2c/3a. Thank you! :)
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    If you take a look at the difference between my short hair fotki pics and now you will definitely see how much curlier my hair is at a longer length. This is pretty standard for a 3A.

    Of course, I wasn't CG in the short hair pics so arguably I'd be curlier now than before if I decided to go short again.

    ETA: My Day 1 routine is pretty standard, co wash, condition, honey rinse, CK, gel, plop, diffuse. Here's a post where I gave details on my most recent routine and products.
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    Mine doesn't get curlier, my roots get flatter.

    I just DT every week, and sometimes add a bit of conditioner, that's about it.
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    Mine doesnt get curlier its gets looser and its starts to loose its coil and become s-shaped but then again my texture is very different from yours. So yours could be different. I wish I could see your hair, from what i can see in you avatar pics it looks very pretty.
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    When I started CG, my hair was just past chin length and was more poofy than curly. Now it's close to BSL and is much curlier, even spiraly (still poufy, though. :))

    I'm probably a 2c/3a, also. I CO wash with VO5 Kiwi Lime and CO with VO5 Sunkissed Raspberry. Then I use L'Oreal Out of Bed which I rake/scrunch into wet hair. This has been giving me nice soft curls. I also use gel, but have been taking a break from it.

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