where on earth do i start?.......

NemesisterNemesister Registered Users Posts: 8
i am a 2c. loads of thick, dry, coarse, frizzy, wavy hair with ringlets underneath. grows out not down. if i don't weigh it down with heavy conditioners i look like selma (or is it patty?!)

anyway, what would be a good starting point routine bearing in mind i won't be able to buy loads of new products just yet?


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    Your hair sounds exactly like mine. If it is one-length, you should get it some layers cut it. You should stop brushing it and straightening it. Only comb while in the shower and when conditioner is in your hair. If you must blow dry, use a diffuser. You may also want to try a modified CG routine. It takes some experimenting, but it's all worth it. :D
    3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves :nike:
  • NemesisterNemesister Registered Users Posts: 8
    thanks for your help :D

    i dont straighten my hair, that would just make it like straw lol

    don't blow dry either and that encourages loads of volume!

    i'm making an appoitnemnt to get a haircut soon so will remember layers. should i be using no-poo or low-poo?
  • DolphinCurlsDolphinCurls Registered Users Posts: 370
    If you read CG, Lorraine Massey actually says that wavies SHOULD use some shampoo. So you may want to try the Low Poo stuff. I've never done CG but that may help. :D
    3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves :nike:
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    This is only what I have found helpful and my hair is just like yours except for medium instead of course. The things that have helped me most are oiling with pure unrefined, organic coconut oil, aloe gel (100% pure) and Garnier Fructis soft curl cream (totally eliminates my frizz!). All of these things are relatively inexpensive. I also only shampoo once a week now and the other time I CO and I do use cones which some on here don't do. Mine just does better with them. And READ READ READ!!! Try only one new thing at a time so you can see what is working and what isn't. The less you mess with your curls while it's drying the better too.
    3a M iii waist stretched and growing :)
  • NemesisterNemesister Registered Users Posts: 8
    i found a good conditioner for me by accident. i put a bath oil in my bath. one of the ones that sits on the surface like a slick! i washed my hair but didn;t condition as i wanted to dye it later. it appears that the oil in the bath coated my hair......i have the greatest feeling frizz free hair...however, it needs a good wash as it's starting to look very oily a day later!

    still, it's worth it to know if ever i run out of conditioner god forbid lol

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