:( HELP me get my curls back please, this is heart breaking!

sailor.taylorsailor.taylor Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi, I'm in need a help with my curls:confused1:...

After having my hair cut in may at the begining of this year, I then left it to grow as i decide id love long curly hair. After a while my curls started to drop, as the weight of my hair was getting heavier. I then started to curl my hair with starighteners to make it look how it was after my hair cut.

I then got annoyed with curling my hair (plus it look terrible and had no shape) and got another hair cut.
I thought that having my hair cut and taking the weight out of it would make it curly again, but MY HAIR IS JUST STAYING FLAT AND STRAIGHT AND DOESNT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE IT USED TO! :'(

I'm really upset about this coz everyone used to come up to me and say how lovely my hair was, and i would say proudly its natural and they'd go green with envy. The only thing i truely like about myself was my hair and now it looks like crap!

Im guessing my hair has gone flat becuase it got used to the heat, but i could be wrong...

Would someone please tell me how i would get my curly hair back! :-(

ANY sort of tips ill take! please, its really upsetting me!!!!

sailor.taylor, age 15


  • MimsTXMimsTX Posts: 3,482Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My hair doesn't curl very well when it gets too long either, I have the same issue with the weight pulling out all the curl.

    However, I have noticed that if i cut it TOO short, it appears not to curl much either. It took me awhile to realize what was going on, but it turns out that my curl pattern is just more of an extended spiral, and when my hair's only a couple of inches long, the strands aren't long enough to make fully formed curls.

    Give it some time, treat it well as it grows out and I bet your curls will come back :)
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  • RyanneRyanne Posts: 686Registered Users
    Did you cut it the same lenght where it normally curled?
    I think you should give it some time too, maybe you'll notice change later.
  • sailor.taylorsailor.taylor Posts: 3Registered Users
    my hair curls when it is short as well, its to my shoulders atm. thank yu very much anyway

  • smurfette75smurfette75 Posts: 13Registered Users
    I've got a similar issue at the moment. I've got dense 3c, possibly 4a hair and right now it's super short, and not really curling much at all. It's kinda just sittin' there, except when I put some Pantene conditioner in it, and that [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Kinky-Curly-Curling-Custard-p-778.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=kinkycurly-curling-custard]Kinky Curly Curling Custard[/buylink] goop. My curl pattern responds to it, but it's so drying, so I'm here joining the curly-haired masses who, just like yourself, are looking for solutions. It'll probably just take time, TLC and the right products to get your hair back on track. Oh, and I'm sure your hair isn't the only thing good about you.

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