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Sometimes I think that type 2, especially 2C is the least common curl type. It seems like most curlies have finer hair, while 2C is thick, heavy, and coarse.

Also, when I see some people on TV with nice waves, I think, my hair is kind of like that, but I don't think that it would actually DO that--like Evangeline Lily from Lost, Meg Ryan's waves in the movie she's in, or even SJ Parker. Their waves seem, well, contrived. While people with curly hair can have their natural curls done to perfection.

I guess I'm rambling. But 2's are a bit different thatn actual curlies and I think our type is harder to manage.
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    I was thinking about this just the other day. I don't think 2s are unmanageable. I think they just want direction. There's kind of a spectrum when you think about it.

    On one end is the 1s - straight and refuses to do anything.

    On the opposite end is the 3s and 4s - curly, going to do its own thing.

    Smack in the middle are the 2s. Not sure about anybody else, but if I do absolutely NOTHING to my hair — just fluff a bit and let air dry — it's pretty horrible. Parts are straight, parts are curly and other parts are wavy. However, if I do SOMETHING to my hair, it usually turns out pretty nice. Straighten? No problem. Curly? Just a matter of the right gel. I can even leave my hair in a towel, take it down, twirl parts around my fingers, let it air dry and it looks pretty darn cool. The key is I just have to to SOMETHING.

    So yeah, it's hair as a metaphor for life. We're just looking for direction.
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    Metaphor for life -- love it!

    I'll extend that thought -- I think we are a special breed. It's not easy, but the rewards are there if we are patient and willing to work at it, and willing to strive for some self-acceptance as well!

    The "Woes of a Wavy" thread has recently been revived, if you haven't seen it, and I think it pretty much says it all!!!!

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    The thing that's most frustrating about my 2B hair is that it's SO much more difficult to get it to look decent when I try to wear it natural. I still stick w/CG, but I'm coming to the conclusion that it's just much prettier rolled, or curled w/the curling iron. Grr..
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