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Hey ladies...I was referred to a site called by a lovely lady on NP. It's like e-diets but it's FREE. You can track the food you've eaten, workouts, goals and a host of other things. It's helped me put the way I eat in perspective now. If you decide to sign up (please do) put me (SumtingSweet) down as your referral. I don't get anything for the referrals except Sparkpoints which aren't reedemable for anything. If you have any questions PM me.

Sweet Dreams :)
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    This was mentioned in a thread on the NonHair board, and I started using it a few days ago. I really like it. I had been using fitday for a long time, but this is new and pretty, so now I've started using this.

    It's definitely worth checking out!
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    I mentioned this site on the "Getting Our Hot Bods Back" thread. I absolutely love it. It makes it easy to track my eating.
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    i love love love it!
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