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Please help me get rid of some of these!

Anything on my swaplist marked with *, I will throw in with any swap, just ask.

Lancome Juicy Tube – Nectar d’Abricot, 80% full PENDING

Prescriptives B/R – Super Brown, RIS, 1inch remains possibly Pending

Prescriptives Lippity Split – lip lacquer (rosey pink with small dip from lip brush) + mattina lipstick (white with very slight spot from 1 use with lip brush)

*Sanrio – Pochacco Cherry (Deep Red) – RIS, bright red (blue-based, I think), 1inch

Trish McEvoy Eye pencil 1 – black eyeliner, 4 3/4 inches, part of a set (not GWP), tested 1x on back of hand for color. decided I like grey better

Chanel Precision – T-Mat Shine Control, RIS, 1oz about 1/2 full (sort of hard to tell)

Fresh – Pear Chocolate soap, 100gm (3.3oz), 2 1/2 inch square soap (3/4 inch tall), opened one end to smell and taped back

Smith & Vandiver – Fresh Aromatherapy body butter in ‘Vitality’, contains geranium and rosewood, 8.4oz, tried tiny amount 1x, feels great but the scent is just not for me

Ecco Bella shea butter lotion in Vanilla Truffle – 8.5oz, new Pending

Bath & Body Works Sun Ripened Raspberry shower gel – 10oz, new.

Bath & Body Works Sun Ripened Raspberry moisture rich soap – 5oz, new

Jurlique Birch Shower Gel – RIS, 6.8oz, 90% full

*Milk Bar Banana body wash – 6.7oz, 75% full. Pending

*Exclusively Michelle’s Body lotion in Cactus Flowers – RIS, 2oz, new

V’Tae Rain Blossom Aromatherapy Mist – “for the blues”, contains lemon verbena, lavender, freesia, tangerine, rose geranium. RIS, 6oz gl*** spray bottle. 90% full.


book by Alexander Walker "Audrey, her real story" about Audrey Hepburn. hardback, about 300 pages, with dust jacket, still in good condition.

COMOTION Shrink Plastic – like Shrinky Dinks. For use with rubber stamping. kit includes 1 piece of sand paper, 6 sheets of shrink plastic, instructions, full color photo showing ideas and supplies, all in a resealable bag. opened bag to check it out and decided it wasn’t my kind of thing. nothing has been used.

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