lip and cheek jam by Revlon--cool find!

I bought this the other day because I broke my Pupa Yo-Yo (a nifty product at Sephora that looks like a yo-yo and includes lip gloss, eye shadow and creme blush).

I just started wearing blush within the past year when I bought the Pupa, and the creme blush was really cool (I don't do well with powder).

Anyway, I stumbled on the revlon jam and it didn't seem too bad. Not great for the lips (unless you like the 'it's not even there' look), but on the cheeks, it does well. Only drawback--it can leave some red residue on your fingers, but you can wash that off. It's effective and cheap, figured I'd mention it. icon_wink.gif
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  • RapunzelRapunzel Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thanks for the review! I saw that in a drugstore and wondered how it would be, and now it's on sale...I think I have to make a little shopping trip!

    -Hayley icon_biggrin.gif
    A 3b 2c combo a couple of inches above my elbows...think Amanda Marshall hair

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