Anyone know if Pantene mousse is CG?

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The one for curly hair? I love using mousse and the way it feels in my hair...but I understand that it may have alcohols in it? It doesn't appear to have any but I could be mistaken...having just jumped on the CG bandwagon I'm not certain about it.
Or is there a CG product with the same consistency/result as mousse that I could use? Something light and fluffy but will give me better curl definition, less flyaways, but won't weigh my hair down is what I'm looking for...



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    It's probably NOT, but check the ingredients. If any end in 'cone, 'conol, or 'xane, then they are silicones and not CG.
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    The Pantene mousse is CG, and it DID work for me at first, but it eventually dried my hair out like crazy after a couple uses. It was so frustrating! :cwm21:
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