Hair disaster with bleached hair!!!

Dear members. I have very bleached hair. Platinum blond. I have tried the "well of spoken" remedy to put mayonnaise in your hair before schampoing and I loved it. Made my hair shiny and strong. The only thing is that it made my hair a little on the yellow side. I have also tried to put coconut oil in my hair and oh, the shine. Loved that to! So, yesterday evening i was thinking, why not make mayo of eggs and coconut oil(that is not so yellow as olive oil). so i mixed two eggwhites and one egg yolk with some coconut oil and put in my hair. Sleept with a plastic cap and rinsed shampoed and conditioned this morning. Help! Big thick strands of my hair fell off!! It broke where the bleach started on the hair! Do any of you ladies know what could have happened here? To much protein? My hair feels like straw and I am so scared, what if I loose it all the next time I schampoo?! any suggestions? What do I need to do? My hair was not in a bad condition before this happened.
Thank you all in advance and sorry for my sometimes bad english.
//Cecilia - Sweden
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    Wow, sorry to hear! The only thing I can think of is maybe too much protein made your hair snap in already weak areas.

    Otherwise, I have no idea. Coconut oil is shown to actually help prevent breakage in research studies. But bleaching does break up the internal core and there really is nothing that can repair damage already done. Protein can help fill in the gaps but it also can be very drying and make hair crunchy.

    The lemon juice in the mayo could make hair dry too.
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    I know! It is so strange. I don´t know what to do now. Put in some coconut oil? Doing a protein treatment? I just don´t know what went wrong. My hair reacted so positive on mayo but not on this. Strange. Any suggestions?
    Thank you
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