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curlylauracurlylaura Registered Users Posts: 8,352 Curl Neophyte
I have had a professional semi-permanent colour used on my highlights before with no problem other than it washes out within a month. Now I can't afford to get my colour done professionally and really want to cover the bleached out mess that are my highlights.

Would a home colour turn my hair funny colours or would it be OK? I know I need to do a strand test I'm just scared of it going green (that happened when I put home brown dye over Sun-In bleach). Should I save up to get it done professionally?
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    i did this several years ago with pretty good results. First, I decided which brand I wanted to use, then called their helpline. The rep gave me a combination of colors to use, maybe half and half of two colors, so that my hair didn't turn green. Yes, she actually said that! I don't remember the exact colors (or the brand for that matter, sorry) but it did come out a bit on the red side. More red than I prefer, but much better than green. I called again the next month and was advised what combo to use to go more brown.
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    Good idea! Thanks! I'll call the helpline.
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    If you have actual blonde highlights that utilized bleach then you shouldn't have a problem with your hair turning green. Sun-In is something totally different.

    With my own hair, I know that if I use an ash brown over the top of highlights then the color is going to be more greyish looking. If I use a golden brown then the highlighted pieces will have more of a red hue to them. I typically go with a neutral brown so that I don't have that ashen look or the red look, it's more of just a regular brown color, which is what I'm looking for. I hope that helps! :-)
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    Just be sure to apply it to your roots first, and leave it on there for most of the time. Bleached ends will "grab" more color and you don't want hair that looks darker on the ends.
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