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Ok, so after years of denying beautiful wild curly hair, I started to embrace it a few years ago when I went through, well, a "hippie stage" in high school.

But now I am ready for a big dramatic change.

I want to get my hair relaxed, prob with BKT if I can find it in my area, and cut super short kind of like Edie Sedgewick or Keira Knightly in Domino, only more bangs.
plus go back to blonde.

I've read enough about the BKT, but what I don't quite know is does it grow out? fade out? will I get my curls back is basically what I want to know.

Also, what have been your experiences with short curly hair that you either chemically striaghtened or manuallly flat ironed??
has anyone done something like this before?

I am also worried about my face shape and the type of cut I want to get, maybe I'll chicken out.

some info bout mah hair:
*type 3a (pretty sure)
*been dying black for a year (brunett and blonde B4)
tryed to strip and bleach it a few weeks ago (now its like 3 colors, I look like a cat, but kind of like it)
*good body, easy to style most of the time.

thank you for any information!

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