good co-wash for fine 2a hair?

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Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a co-wash for fine 2a hair?

Current routing:
2-3 days- Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose (which smells like Coppertone suntan lotion to me), which is also very rich. I first put a small amount to massage into the roots/scalp and then rinse. Then repeat with more AOHR all over. Rinse. On the 3rd day, I need a little more cleansing and have been using [buylink=]Deva Low Poo[/buylink]. But, on those days, I turn out too fluffy, too clean :) I was wondering if I could find a conditioner that would work that is a little more cleansing than the Low Poo but not as rich as the AOHR.
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    Many people (including myself) use Suave Naturals Coconut conditioner. I find that it is very light, yet moisturizing, and does a good job of cleaning my scalp. I also low-poo with a sulfate free shampoo about twice a week. I also use AOHR but I use it after my Suave and I put it on from a few inches away from my scalp to the ends. I love AOHR because it is very moisturizing for my dry, thick hair, but I wonder if it might be too heavy for your fine hair. You may want to try just the Suave, or a lighter final conditioner. HTH!
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    V05 the clarifying condish line comes in Vanilla Mint and Kiwi Melon or something Kiwi? Anyways this stuff is SUPER light and does a FAB job with co-washing. It's even lighter than the Suave Coco.
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