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hi everyone! i dyed my hair a little over a week ago, on 09/26 to be exact. it was my first time ever so it was scary/exciting for me. i wanted to get it done professionally but the money's lookin funny so i decided to do it myself. i picked up Naturtint in dark golden blonde at Whole Foods. it says it doesnt contain peroxide and i went with that color cause the box showed that it would make black hair brown.

anyway long story short, my extrememly black hair is now brown. some hair in the front ended up brighter than the rest of my head, i guess because the hair in that area is coarser and by default, more porous. what i actually want is a honey color but im not sure i can go any lighter without using peroxide unfortunately. overall im happy with my first coloring experience.:happy6:
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    I went back to coloring my hair a little while ago after a couple of years of not doing it at all.

    I used a semipermanent color (Natural Instincts in Coastal Dune--a dark neutral blonde shade). It doesn't look as though I color my hair, which is the effect I was going for.

    Although now I can REALLY tell where I have gray, because the grays turned out exactly the shade on the box!
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