I posted my new pics of Deva Cut in my FOTKI...

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I posted my new DEVA CUT...


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    It looks fabulous! You really look wonderful!! :)
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    Wow is it just me or do you have a lot more hair?! It looks great and so full which I'm so jealous of!

    Hows it working for you?
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    Absolutely gorgeous!
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    It looks great! (But then it did before too.) :)
    Another happy haircut story. I hope my next cut goes the same.
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    keewee looking good girlie! :)
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    Keewee, your new cut looks great on you! And, the color of your hair is truly an eye catcher, I must say.
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    I love it!!! Thanks for sharing pictures!


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    GREAT cut! I'm jealous =]
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    I love it! You and your hair are beautiful Keewee!:)