Eureka is a curlist show...grr

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Curlism: discrimination based on hair curling
Curlist: one who exhibits such discrimination

I'm kinda new here so I wasn't sure if someone else had already defined that. Anyways, to get to the point, in the first two seasons of Eureka (on the Sci-Fi channel--i can't speak for the 3rd since I haven't seen it yet :( oh well) Allison Blake, the leading lady on the show, has varied hair styles for different occasions. However, I have noticed that she never wears her hair curly to work at GD--it's always perfectly straight and very serious-looking. On various episodes where we've seen her "relaxing on the weekend" and such, she has beautiful wavy (not quite curly) hair. I am very disappointed that they don't do her hair like that more often and I was a bit insulted when I noticed the correlation between curly hair and unprofessional on the show, having curly hair myself that I wear naturally to work fairly often.
I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this. I love the show but I must say that I am very disappointed in their implications with her hairstyles.


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    I noticed that Alison hardly ever wears her hair curly but figured she'd chemically straightened. As you said, it's wavy on the weekends but I doubt that's natural for her either.

    Zoe and Chloe often have wavy hair though which is more likely to be their natural hair than Alison's wavy look.

    Love the show too! Can't wait to see how the sheriff gets out of being fired! :D
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    I never saw that show, but who cares if she has different hair at her job? Some women put there hair up at work but thats okay because they are not out dancing or anything where they are trying to look hot.

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