Bought the Sedu flat iron now what?

krisgilkrisgil Registered Users Posts: 24
I purchased the Sedu flat iron and heat protectant today. I've never used a flat iron before today. My 3B hair looked ok, just ok. What products work best for flat ironing? How do I prevent damage to my hair? How many days a week is it safe to use? How do I get the shorter hairs at the crown straight? I know I'm asking a ton of questions so thanks for bearing with me! Any and all suggestions are welcome.


  • Curly GurlyCurly Gurly Registered Users Posts: 42
    well, never flat iron your hair everyday. prevent damage by moisturizing and combing through your hair first before flat ironing. and wash it first but never flat iron your hair when wet or has to be completely dry ... (i dont really kno any products for flat ironing, cuz i havent flat ironed my hair in quite some time..and im trying to go all natural with all my hair products.)

    to get the shorter hairs straight, use a tiny comb to get them untangled, and carefully put heat on the crown,...sorry i can't really explain that very well lol

    i hope this helped :]

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