I want a change.

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I've had my hair the same length for way too long... and it's getting old. I have 2a/2b hair and I thinkkk I want to cut it right above my shoulders (which is something I've never done), but i'm afraid the curl will become really tight and kinky.

Any predictions/suggestions for something new?
I feel like it might be too risky, but i'm tired of it always being long...


p.s. Sorry, I know the picture isn't the best for this kind of thing, but it's the only one I could find.


  • whatsercurlwhatsercurl Posts: 4,049Registered Users
    You and your hair are adorable! :D

    If you're 2A/2B (and it looks like that is probably right) there is a good chance your hair will be less curly at shoulder length not more. My hair gets curlier as it gets longer. As for suggestions on haircuts, I'm a hairstyle n00b. Hope someone else can help.
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    I say take a chance and chop it! I cut mine in August. I had a horrible, horrible razor cut. (I know better. I really do.) Anyway, wound up being the best hair cut I ever had. I even cut it shorter a few weeks ago when I went for a trim. This is pretty much how I got mine cut just with more side swept bangs.
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  • xbri2009xxbri2009x Posts: 10Registered Users
    Thank you so much :)
    I think I just need a little encouragement.

    If I hate it it will grow out anyways, right? :)
  • WiggilyhairWiggilyhair Posts: 780Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    My hair gets curlier as I cut it shorter.

    You are so cute, you'd look good bald!

    I think your hair would look good even longer-like Taylor Swift's here: http://modelvolume.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/taylor-swift-photos.jpg
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    Why dont you start with about 2-3 inches off the bottom and some really long layers to free up the texture.

    It sounds minimal, but it would change the line of your hair and the way it dries. Then if you stillwanna go shorter you can just bring up the nds to meld with the layers.
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    ITA with rudeechick. Do it gradually; cut off a little bit at a time and see how you like it each time. If you're a true 2-type, your hair might lose curl as it gets shorter, so you'll need to figure out at what length your curl lessens.
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