Bummed (and rambling... this is long and I could definitely use advice)

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So I went "CG" about a month ago (I basically just stopped using shampoo and that was it) and it was AMAZING. My hair before seemed to have some wave and some curl (if I was lucky). Just cutting out shampoo made a huge difference. I had some really nice curls starting to appear. I was still basically using everything I shouldn't though (curl sprays, gels, and hairsprays that were loaded up with all kinds of nasties).

I then decided to get rid of the cones, try new products, read labels, etc.

I don't know what happened, but by hair is way too soft and back to looking how it did before (if not worse). I'm bummed out about this and need some advice. When I started, it looked like Maggie's in Stranger than Fiction (but I cut it myself and it has been that way for several years:) ). I'm trying to grow it out so I get more of a curl pattern to it, but right now it is just a soft, limp, barely wavy, mass of hair (and it is starting to look pretty misshappen because only God knows what I was doing when I was cutting my own hair and what looked fine when it was short does NOT look nice right now).
Also, I dye my dark blonde hair dark brown/black and I touch up my roots very frequently so it doesn't look like I have a wide scalp. I definitely don't want to keep using permanent dye for touch ups (build up of color on the roots), but I am having NO luck finding a good semi/demi permanent color that dyes dark enough or stays put. I'd prefer to use something from Sally's (I don't like using box kits).

NEwho, I could really use suggestions on what my hair could be doing, products that provide good curl formation (AND hold without the wet look; I'd like not to have to use hairspray), and good hair dye. Sorry this was such a long post. I would really appreciate any advice.

Also (last thing I promise), how do you know if your hair is protein/silicone/glycerine/etc. sensitive? I don't really want to end up with more products that will be useless to me.

Thank you so much!


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    If you stopped using shampoo but still used products with silicone then you may have build up on your hair. You need to do a clarifying wash prior to starting CG, any sulfate shampoo will do. This will remove any cone build up.

    You don't say what sort of hair you have but it sounds more on the wavy side?? Some wavies do still need to shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo to avoid flat hair.
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    Some people have complained that dying their hair (especially blonde hair dye) can dry out their hair and make their hair lose the natural curl pattern.
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    It was actually looking really good with the cones in it. I used a gentle sulfate shampoo and bought CG friendly products and thats when it went flat. I think the conditioner is making it too soft or weighing it down ir something. It's kind of hard to tell what my hair is because it is still pretty short. When I would say right now 2b (it has since gone flat), but when I first started CG it looked like it had potential for 3a (also, before I donated my hair it was probably close to a 3a even with shampoo and the like). My natural color is dark blonde and I dye it dark, but haven't dyed the ends since May and I don't really think it is the color that is flattening out. I haven't been dyeing it as much since I started CG and the flatness started after I started CG. I'll see if I can find a picture of my hair or take one to post on here.
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    It sounds to me like the products you're using may be too heavy for your hair texture / curl pattern. What CG products did you pick up?

    I'd recommend a bottle of one of the cheap, light Suave conditioners to start with, and after you've used it awhile assess whether you need heavier products.
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